Janeen Will Help You Work Toward Healing

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The past doesn't always allow us to live fully in the present. Fortunately, Janeen Feley LMFT is here to help you work through what you're holding onto so you can heal and live a better life. It's her goal to help you get to a place where you can finally feel free and move on from the burdens of the past that you've carried for so long.

Lifespan integration therapy could be the powerful tool you've been looking for to improve your mental health. Call Janeen at 206-384-0704 now to get started.

Wondering what lifespan integration therapy involves?

You can count on an experienced therapist to help you:

Target issues stemming from past abuse that have caused mental health issues
Focus on past trauma to bring healing into the present
Develop healthy lifestyle choices to promote healing within yourself
Let go of burdens you are carrying from the past to feel free in the present

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