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Having a safe space where you feel comfortable discussing your situation is an important part of therapy. That's why Janeen Feley LMFT offers virtual therapy sessions for adults around the Puyallup, WA area. You'll be able to meet in an environment where you feel safe and can share all your thoughts and feelings comfortably.

After years of helping other adults with their struggles while also working a variety of jobs, including in television, prayer lines and state-led programs, Janeen decided it was time to establish her own practice. She took to telehealth sessions for your convenience, and looks forward to meeting you and discussing your issues.

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"Janeen is amazing I am truly lucky to have found her. Afer wading through therapist after psychoanayst and psychiatrist. I am finally receiving true help. With her strong understanding of the artist's mind, Janeen has guided me through the wild of my own personal imagery, thus enabling me to make sense of my life and experiences. Her sessions focus on real self-empowerment."

"Thanks for being such a big part of why I feel more peaceful and happy today!"

Wondering why we do what we do?

Psychology began as a favorite subject for Janeen, and she quickly discovered a passion for helping other adults heal and improve their lives by working through past traumas. To build on this love for helping people, Janeen founded her own practice and works hard every day to help people find the path that leads to their personal happiness.

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